Monday, June 3, 2013

Sort of a Round-up, including lots of Geek Girl Project Links

Hi all! Dusting off the blog here--I still do love it!

Still busy at The Geek Girl Project. I keep forgetting to come over here and share what I'm doing. This is, oddly enough, partly because I've also been managing the social networking side of The Geek Girl Project (Sometimes all, sometimes some--this is a team effort!) for the last few months, so by the time I've shared it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and, I figure whatever it is has been well and truly shared!

So, some highlights from the last few months are:

Discovering and reviewing Non-Humans 1&2, then pacing the floor waiting for Non-Humans #3, and finally getting to read and review the issue. So, you know, now I am pacing the floor waiting for the conclusion in Non-Humans #4--one of these days!

Interviewing James P. Blaylock, premiere steampunk author and, as it turns out, one-time octopus keeper.

Interviewing Max Collins, author of an impressive amount of noir, including the tremendously fun Seduction of the Innocent, which I reviewed (He said he might, maybe, perhaps, possibly write a fourth book in the series after all. Here's hoping!).

Finishing my reviews of Snapshot, a noir comic by Diggle & Jock--very intense & unexpected & interesting & if you think it's hard turning multi-paragraph reviews into one sentence, you're right.

A long-running love-hate relationship with Once Upon a Time's second season, which culminated in And Straight on Til Morning which kind of made me think I might watch Season 3, if I had an entire summer to remember Neverland while forgetting Snow solemnly claiming that she had some "better" choice than killing Cora.

An ongoing love-hate with Jirni, J. T. Krul's "love-letter to all things fantasy" which features a lively, independent, strong-willed woman--who makes Barbie look flat-chested and is invariably posed in the most provocative way possible--sometimes, you can judge a book by its covers.

Having a marvelous time with the completely angst-free Legend of the Shadow Clan.

And lots and lots and lots else, except I don't know how to tell the GGP search engine to stick to just the last few months, so this'll get you everything I ever wrote there, from the very beginning.

Ooh, and my good friend K. Zolnoski joined the GGP recently to deal with Godzilla movies and comic books--she's going back to the very beginning--and to add her own column, "K's Guilty Pleasures," wherein she discusses movies people really love even though they shouldn't.

Outside the GGP, I've been gardening (there will be pictures), crow-watching, dealing with an increasingly crabby velicibird who thinks it's time to build a nest and if she can't, she'll growl and bite defensively anyway, and reading--plenty of GGP books, assorted non-fiction books, and lately Nancy Drew.

Oh, and getting my very own Twitter account. I'm not sure quite what I think of that yet. It's early days.

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