Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Link List: Creepy Robots, Science by Gaming, Quantum Shorts, and Etc.

1) Meet Roboy, a humanoid robot with tendons. He is 1) an incredible accomplishment (to be) and 2) incredibly creepy. That unmoving, smiling face? *shudders.* On the other hand--artificial tendons? Awesome!

2) Citizen Science, EyeWire. EyeWire A Citizen Science project/game designed to map the J cell, "a particular type of retinal neuron." I love the idea of citizen science, and the idea of using games to help develop scientific concepts (this isn't the first), is fascinating. I do wish the blurb had said more about what sort of game it is or what game play is like.

3) Quantum Shorts. Four short videos dramatizing quantum physics. I'm with Jennifer Ouellett; The Cat, featuring Schroedinger's cat and the Quantum Killer is the best.

4) Off-Duty Natural History Exhibits courtesy of Io9. The photographer, Klaus Pichler, has more here, in Skeletons in the Closet It's in slideshow format, so the whole can take a while to view. I'm rather fond of The Cobras myself!

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