Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Helme Park, Huntington Beach, Notes

 I just noticed that all the pictures from Helme Park that I thought worth keeping are of trees. So, yes, it did well on the tree quotient. It shows up as a small, green blob on the map, and it isn't terribly large. It is, however, big enough to have a good-sized row of conifers (pines? But I want to call them all pines, and I don't think that's really right) on one side. They provide a good amount of shade. At mid-afternoon, when I got there, they were shading the entire play area.

They are also big enough and have enough branches that kids can climb them. When I was there, someone was up in one, claiming it proudly as "My tree!"

There were at least four other kinds, as well, that had been planted out at different stages. One had a nice pair of birdhouses in them (Actually, these show up in several parks, which is awesome), but it was quite the wrong time of year for checking to see if any bird ever used them.

Critter quotient: I heard several finches and saw some interesting flying and fluttering creatures too small and too fast for me to identify. It seemed slightly above average, more than the neighbor's lawn, say, but not outstanding. Thanks to the trees, the picnic tables might actually be in the shade sometimes--and by shade, I mean full, deep, cool shade.

Playground equipment: Yes. The standard yellow-and-red setup. There's also a large sandbox which, as a child, I would have found enchanting. As an adult, I confess, I wonder about the neighborhood cats.

Bathrooms: No.

Water fountains: No.

Parking: on the street.

Will you be able to forget you're in the city? No, but it is a quiet neighborhood and a pleasant little park for a picnic, especially if you have kids.

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