Saturday, December 10, 2011

Worthy Park, Huntington Beach

I had thought Worthy Park a small park. The bit that shows by the street looks like an afterthought bit of green, added to rest the eyes but not much for visiting. It proved deceptive, however, as the park actually extends back quite a way.

In addition to that little pocket area by the streets with the picnic tables, there is a playground area for the kids, racquetball courts, baseball diamonds, and some other sports-like fields.

The playground equipment is the standard red-and-yellow model, or rather, models: One for the little kids, one for the older ones. Plus, there are swings.

There were, as I'm beginning to think normal (and good), plenty of trees--at least three kinds planted at at least two different times, plus a rather forlorn looking sapling all on its lonesome. I like the way Huntington Beach does trees: They seldom seem to go for the popsicle-stick  model, but instead allow the trees to spread and twist a bit. It's much more interesting.

The good news is that the picnic tables in the park are actually in the shade. The bad news is, the park is at the intersection of Main and 17th, so your view is going to be less "bluebirds and butterflies" and more "SUV's and minivans." At least you'll be comfortable while you have it.

You might spot a squirrel or two while you're dining, and maybe a few small flying things, though I scuffd up fewer than I expected of those. Maybe they didn't like the fact that the ground was sopping wet?

Bring your own water. There's no fountain. On the other hand, there don't seem to be any restrooms, either, unless you count a very old, smelly port-a-potty that will probably be gone by the next visit.


  1. Funnily enough, I am sitting in Worthy Park right now as Avalon rides her bike around - the high school's guest connection extends over here. Unfotunately, the racketball courts have been boarded up for some time- they used to be an automated pay-by-the-hour to turn the lights on, but I think city decided they were just a liability. There used to be working restrooms on the end but they locked those up as well. One of the softball fields got turned into soccer/lacrosse field as well, the highschool uses it for practice.

    Yeah, it is kind of noisy for a park, but when I was a student at HBHS it was a big vacant lot for student parking, so I suppose it looks nicer now.

  2. I like Worthy Park. If nothing else, it is a bit of green to look out on while driving, and goodness knows, we need all the bits of green we can get!

    However, I do not think I'd head there *just* to have a picnic right by the roadside, not with all the other lovely parks there are in HB.