Saturday, November 5, 2011

Grimm: The Pilot, a review

Let's see, what was that about again? Oh, yeah. A girl wearing a pair of pink Nikes and listening to "Sweet Dreams" on her pink iPod goes running in the woods. She is killed by someone wearing Nike boots and her pink iPod, still playing the same song (by Eurythmics, as one cop tells another), is left in-camera. We never see her face until her roommate pulls out an iPhone to show us who she was. The iPhone gets plenty of screen time. So do the Nikes (both pairs), and the song plays again, more than once.

Oh, and, um, yeah, there's something about a fairly generic detective guy who finds out he's a monster hunter, a former murderer who has reformed,a kidnapped girl, and the hunt to find the killer/kidnapper.

The pilot also features generic-policeman's partner, product-placement guy (he gets to name things for us) and a wistful fiancee with long hair.

To be fair, dying mentor-woman (who tells generic-policeman about his heritage as monster-hunter) and reformed bad-wolf-person have some inklings of personality, but not nearly enough to pull this out of the "meh" category.

Yes, the product placement was that bad and the story surrounding the ads was that forgettable.

It wants to be a police procedural with fairy tale elements, which is a kind of cool idea, but when the products (did I mention the Iphone? And the Nikes?) are the most memorable aspects of a show, there are problems.

I'm sort of trying to convince myself to watch the second one, but... eh.

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