Friday, November 11, 2011

Black and Tan Brownies, a recipe from Cooking Light

I recently read an older Cooking Light article on brownies and decided to try some of their recipes. The Chai Latte Brownies were a big hit.

The Black and Tan Brownies, which I made tonight, not so much so. I didn't get the bottom layer firm enough before pouring, so they're layered in some places and marbled in others, but that is something I could correct for next time,f there were to be a next time. The bigger problem is they're just too sweet, and I'm not particularly impressed by the texture. The lower layer, the tan, is nice and chewy. The upper layer, the chocolate, is cakey. I like chewey! Also, they only have half the chocolate of the Chai Latte or Bourbon Fudge Brownies since they only have the melted chocolate and no cocoa.

And, they just plain make too much. Thirty brownies? No thanks.

Next up? Bittersweet Brownies, maybe. Or perhaps I'll make the Chai Latte Brownies again. Those were good.

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