Saturday, October 8, 2011

Jim's Pancakes: A Blog About Pankcakes

Seriously. It's a blog about pancake-making. How awesome is that?

Not just any pancakes, either. These are elaborate, sculpture pancakes that are eaten afterward. I haven't read anything like all the entries, but I first got snagged by the Star Wars pancakes (an AT-AT and the Millennium Falcon, as of this writing). There's also a carousel pancake, which I adore.

It looks more complicated than I want to try at home, just now, but he does provide directions for each pancake sculpture, often including videos, and they seem pretty clear, and he's written a book as well.


  1. That's a great site! His pancakes look fabulous, love it.

  2. They do look tasty, which is always a plus with food sculpture. I never really saw the point of edible art that no one ever gets to eat.