Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I mentioned a while back that I liked those goofy pink lawn flamingos. I thought today I'd share some of my collection.

This goofy fellow lives locally.

Actually, "flamingo" might not be quite an accurate description for him, but he's in the general family, if not the same species.

A wonderful fountain in Laguna Beach. I wish I could remember the artists' name!

Tea and flamingos. Does it get any better?

Just do as he says, and no one gets hurt.

Some real flamingos at the San Diego Zoo planning to call their agent to see what's happened with their royalty checks.

Oh, and about that wonderful six-foot (or thereabouts) flamingo? I went back and looked. The shop is called Shown Galleries and Garden (or that is what the sign says). There are no hours posted, but I happened to get there when the proprietor was unloading something, and he said it's only open on weekends (I'm not sure when). The magnificent flamingo was a gift, and is made out of "something like" paper mache. I must confess, my curiosity is far from satisfied.

Curiosity aside, however, I'm extremely happy such a thing exists.

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