Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Kizuri (remember her? The blog interrupting bird?) is doing beautifully!

She's still inclined to try to dodge sitting on my hand, jumping up to my shoulder as soon as she can, but she seems to enjoy sitting on my shoulder. I do need to work with her on the hand matter more, but for now, I'm glad she'll at least take food that is held out to her, and if she jumps off my shoulder and heads to the ground, she'll hop back up to my finger.

She is expanding her interests, having discovered she likes music (especially opera and Gregorian Chant, both of which she will sing to), sitting in the sun and burbling, and climbing the curtains behind her cage.

I'd sort of hoped that the seeds vs. bird pellet debate would be settled by this point, but it is still hotly debated. At least, it's hotly debated online. Kizuri has no doubts whatsoever. She eats most kinds of seed but dumps vegetable dyed, nutritional pellets out of her dish as soon as she sees them. Other foods she'll at least play with, but not those!

She does like bacon--a lot. She can't have much, but she loves it. She's also fond of apples and bread (partly because she can make an unholy mess with the crumbs). Asparagus was a big hit. Carrots, not so much. She'll nibble them, but that's about it. Strangely, peaches don't interest her.

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