Saturday, August 20, 2011 way to find new books by authors you like

Just lately, I've been using AuthorAlerts, a site very useful for tracking upcoming releases by authors. It pretty much relies on Amazon (Remember when Amazon would do this?), so sometimes a it'll notify me that a new book is coming out, and I'll get all excited only to find that it is a new edition of a book, but still, it is nice to have. They'll limit you to ten initially, but up it to on hundred if you tell others (I already have my hundred. I'm now posting out of purely altruistic "Hey this is neat" motives (not that I wouldn't have posted here for another 90 authors. I just don't need to)). Edit Sept 30, 2011: And I logged in today to find a brief notice "We apologize, but the Author Alerts website is no longer operating." I visited more on the nature of every couple of weeks than every day, so I'm not sure when it went down, but it's down. Anyone got any other ideas for places that will do this? Amazon used to, but for some strange reason, they stopped quite a while ago.

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