Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nasturtium Celebration

  I love nasturtiums; they scatter themselves widely, orange and golden jewels spilling out of garden pots, climbing trellises, and flinging themselves recklessly over barren cement, relishing the cool weather and vanishing come summer.

Because of their easy-going nature, I've given little thought to kind or type, simply admirinng, assuming that the orange and yellow were all and more than enough in the nasturtium world.

Then I stopped at the seed rack and found out: There are more. Now I have "Vanilla Berry" wedged in wherever I can, and a packet of "Night and Day" just went into the ground. I can't wait!

Note: Links semi-randomply chosen to show the hypothetical color of the flowers. I'll post real images when they flower.


  1. I, on the other hand, have always been a tad leery of nasturshiums, because they were the N flower in The Flower Fairy Alphabet, and the Nasturshum fairy (and his poem) appealed not at all to me....

    "Nasturshum so jolly, ho ho, ho ho,
    He holds up his brolly, just so, just so!"

    Also I've never had any luck growing them. But maybe I should try again...

  2. They like cool, sunny weather. They're lovely plants, truly.

  3. I love nasturtiums too. My kid calls them "honey flowers" and likes to bite the end off and suck the nectar out.

  4. It's funny. The flowers themselves taste so spicy I cannot imagine them having sweet nectar.