Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rattlesnake and Squirrel

I saw the squirrel first, standing on his hind legs and waving his tail.

Then I looked down.

The rattlesnake was pouring himself across the path in a leisurely fashion.

I froze.

The rattlesnake kept on going. So did the squirrel; to my astonishment, it followed the snake across the path. It kept a respectful distance, but stayed right behind, watching to see where the snake was heading and stopping every so often to wave his tail again.

I waited until the squirrel settled down and started eating seeds before heading on my way.

Sorry about the wobbly camera. Snakes move so incredibly smoothly, I really wanted to catch that. The squirrel shows up about 50 seconds in. I saw the squirrel earlier, but took stills first.

Edit: Looking around at pictures (Most of which are, not so strangely, titled "Rattlesnake" without any sort of species name), I'm tentatively concluding that this is a Southern Pacific Rattlesnake. Anyone got any clues as to how I could find out more?

I stopped over at the Friends of Bolsa Chica office on Warner, but they couldn't tell me what sort of rattlesnake it was. They did identify the really impressive spiders (Argiope Argentata)I saw, so if arachnids interest you, check over at Spiderwatch for some pics.

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