Thursday, September 23, 2010


As you know, I really enjoyed Lynne Kelley's Spiders: Learning to Love Them.

I loved it enough that I started looking at spiders and taking pictures. Thing is, I know at least some of you really don't like spiders, and really don't want to have pictures of spiders jumping out at you when you go to check book reviews, and there's no way I know to make them optional.

So, I've gone and started a new blog, just for spiders--especially those in my yard. Head on over and check SpiderWatch. It's going to be pretty busy just at first because I'm introducing all the stars of the show: Big Spider, Milady, Fleck, Cousin Sal, Legs, etc.

Otherwise, probably I'll post once a week for as long as I'm watching, keeping this as my main blog.


  1. I've been having trouble leaving comments on embedded forms, so I've switched browsers to see if blogger will talk to chrome :P What I'm saying is, if you get this comment twice for some reason, that's why...

    I am going to go check out spiderwatch in a moment; what a cool idea! I really love spiders, but I didn't always. It took a very gentle, patient (and ancient!) tarantula named Rosie to accustom me to the idea of spiders not being somewhat alarming. I had to handle her for children's programs, and one must never show fear! These days, I'm always happy to see a spider wherever I do.

  2. Great :) I'm putting a spider a day up for the first week or so, introducing the cast. After that, I'm not sure what the schedule will be.