Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Electric Bread, a book review

Given last week's re-review, I thought I'd take the time to feature my other favorite bread-machine cookbook, More Electric Bread.  It is less eclectic in its selection of ingredients than The Bread Machine Gourmet, but still has a good range of recipes that cook the whole time in the pan, and all the recipes I have tried work.  There are the standbys--white and "whole wheat"(1), but there is also a surprising array of other yummy recipes. I have not worked my way through all of them, but favorites include "Cinnamon Sunrise," "Espresso" (a delicious coffee-flavored bread), "Maple Walnut" (mmm), and "Rice Pudding" (useful if you have leftover rice or have cooked the rice with too much water so it's mushy).

(1) See earlier comments on the portion of actual whole wheat flour that goes into these.

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