Thursday, August 26, 2010

Featured Artist: Judy Greenlee

I'm going to brag for a bit about my mom now. My mom, the artist, the one who works in acrylic, watercolor, oils and pastels.

I'm proud of her, and of all the work she's put into working on her art, and I'm nagging at her intermittently to get her own blog or website, but in the meantime, this will have to do.

For one thing, I have to say, I'm completely spoiled. It's great having an artist in the family. A few years ago, I took a walk down by the river. It had been a long day, and I was enjoying the chance to get outside and just watch the world. I spent quite a while on the bridge, watching the sun set. I took a picture.

My mom painted it, and now I have a copy on my wall where I can look any time I want and remember the day and the unexpected moment of peace.

It's not just landscapes, either. When I left home, I ran around taking pictures of everyone. They fussed about the constant camera presence, and I said I wanted to have the pictures to remember them. My mom heard me and painted portraits of everyone, including the dog. I had them on my wall for years.

Most, unfortunately, were damaged in a recent move, so I can't show those off, but here are a couple others she did a while back:

Portraits are her first love, but she has painted a number of landscapes, portraits of places. Some I have, some are on her wall, some she's sold, and some my sister took with her when she moved. Some are for sale(Yes, you can buy the one of the surfer or the one of the ocean spray. No, you can't have the river at sunset or the wetlands under the sky. Those are mine). Some are up in the Huntington Beach Library now, on two of the panels.

And, yes, she does paint portraits for people outside the family.

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