Monday, August 16, 2010

The Broken Hourglass: Small Update

Hm. I keep planning a "proper post" on The Broken Hourglass and  ending up not making any post at all. Since many of my earlier posts are "improper," I shall revert to that mode for the moment.

The latest work on the game consisted of me coding an elegant series of exchanges between the PC and a group of NPCs, getting them all set up and feeling quite happy about them--and then realizing that they weren't going to work after all, since it relied on each NPC having one and one only of the 4 items being swapped, and under certain conditions, any given NPC might have two or more of said items, at which point, the player wouldn't be able to get at any of the extra items without bloodshed.

So, I grumpily went back in and started recoding. The original elegant exchange setup is still there, but I've added a whole tangle of additional code and some additional conversation and really ought to pull that original code out entirely, but it does work, and it took me so long to set it up in the first place that I'm stalling.

Such is the coding life.

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