Monday, July 26, 2010

Doctor Who: The rest of the Fifth Season, reviews, kind of

"You do have a plan, don't you?" "No... It's a thing; it's like a plan, but with more greatness." Vincent and the Doctor

Spoilers abound.

Victory of the Daleks: M & M Daleks. Crunchy.

I have to say, this episode wasn't as bad as I feared. Sure, the Daleks "surprised" everyone by coming back from the dead again, and they threatened to destroy earth again, and the Doctor had to hesitate and look agonized again, but at least they served everyone tea first. Really, the metal beasts were beautiful running around with the tea things. Almost justified their existence.

Amy was good this episode--loved her asking the Doctor how waiting for him in the middle of the London Blitz was "safe." Churchill had some reason (from his perspective) for wanting to use them, no matter how terrible the Doctor claimed they were. Some good character moments, and I was agreeably entertained throughout the episode--not one of my favorites, but not going on my black list, either.

And, thank goodness, the Daleks have not been "obliterated." Not that I particularly want to see them show up again, but at least the next time won't be a "surprise." I might not mind them so much if they get downgraded to the status of ordinary monster.

Vincent and the Doctor I really loved this one. There's a real focus on the historical figure, a sense that he is a real person (unlike in, say Unicorn and the Wasp which was more about a caricature of Christie rather than about the woman herself (yes, I loved it, but that's not the point)).
Amy's much more in focus here, feels like a real person herself. And the invisible monster rampaging through the countryside was classic Doctor Who, though crying about its death is a bit much (It was randomly killing people for no particular reason, remember?). And the Doctor being both sympathetic with Vincent Van Gogh while simultaneously being impatient with the normal, boring passage of time and the unpunctual alien attack was fantastic.

Is it "Van Goff"?

The Lodger Very funny. I can believe the Doctor has never had to cope with being an "ordinary" person on earth. He does it so charmingly, though!

Pity the menace then had to threaten to blow up the planet. The danger was convincing enough before that. Who built this machine, anyway?

This ties with Vincent for my favorite "ordinary" episode this season.

The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang Wow!

These two really tie the season together. All of the sudden, all sorts of odd things, including Amy's never-quite-in-focus character make sense. Really an amazing finale. Oh, and Amy and Rory are married now? Great!

Rory's return is beautifully managed and his two thousand year wait which, by some jiggery-pokery he remembers, has done wonders for his character. Can't really cite a favorite moment from this, I too busy being sucked into the story and admiring the way all of the season had led up to this, often in ways that were obvious only in retrospect.

And I am glad that not everything got tied up this season. There's still the matter of the silence, and the question of who is behind all of this to deal with next season.

Wrap up thoughts: Matt Smith may well become my favorite Doctor. He's got the same alien quality Eccleston had, and that I've missed.

Still not sure yet what I think of Amy and Rory; Amy's character wasn't very firmly established, for reasons that are now clear--she was, after all, living in a strange sort of overlap between two realities. Now that that's fixed, hopefully she'll be more definite. Rory, I like, but he's not been on enough to firmly be established.

I still miss Donna. She may well remain my favorite companion.

I'm looking forward to next season.

"Makes you wonder what could be so bad that it doesn't mind you thinking it's a vampire." Vampires of Venice

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  1. I agree with you about Matt Smith and Eccleston's shared "alien-ness", which is central to the character and which was lost with the last Doctor. It's my favorite thing about this one.