Monday, July 12, 2010

The Broken Hourglass: A Brief , Unnofficial Look at the NPCs (Part Three)

And the third part of the three-part overview of the joinable-NPC's in The Broken Hourglass, this time looking at Tuhan, Ruvanet, and Sanelon.  Again, a quick search over at  the the Planewalker Games main site will turn up more for some. All NPC portraits are by Jelina Jovovic.

And so, on to part three:


Ruvanet  Angennosis an ex-soldier with a run of bad luck. He joined the army as soon as he could, only to find himself mustered out a few years later when he was injured too severely for the army healers to fix. Now, with one withered arm, he works as a general-purpose mage in Mal Nassrin's suburbs. He's also the neighborhood peace-maker, helping smooth over the quarrels too small to take to the judicial system.


Sanelon Batsakis is a healer accessible to even the poorest of the poor--provided they are willing to pay his price, usually in the form of some one-time service. He is an expert at knowing just how far people can be pushed, and was doing quite well in Mal Nassrin's criminal world up to the time things fell apart. Now, he's lost most of his power base and must fight to get it back.

Like Carind, he loves Mal Nassrin, and he is furious that someone has come in and damaged his city.


When most people say they will try anything, they mean things like sushi or sky-diving. Tuhan really means he will try anything, anything at all. An Illuminated who has chosen to reject stabilization, he is first seen allied with the PC's enemies. Asked about this, he is unapologetic, pointing out that that was then, and this is now, and isn't it time to try doing something heroic?

And that concludes this writer's look at the nine joinable NPCs. And, no, there is no party limit.


  1. I love baldur's gate 2. I have been disappointed in Bioware recently... they have become stagnant in their ideas and inspiration. I hope you guys keep it fresh!

    BTW, would you be able to estimate how much money has gone into the development of the game?

  2. I already love the art and music samples I've seen/heard for the game :) But, er, is it just me, or does Tuhan's portrait look significantly different from the others?

  3. @Anonymous: No idea how much has been spent. I'm a writer/coder, not a financer :). BTW, you do know you can fill in a name without registering, don't you?

    @Maggie: Tuhan is an Illuminated, a different race than the others, most of whom are human (Carind is Ilvari and Makarios Feyborn).