Monday, July 5, 2010

The Broken Hourglass: A Brief , Unnofficial Look at the NPCs (Part Two)

And the second of the three-part overview of the joinable-NPC's in The Broken Hourglass, this time at Makarios, Nekos, and Redethe.. Again, a quick search over at  the the Planewalker Games main site will turn up more for some. All NPC portraits are by Jelina Jovovic.

And so, on to part two:

Makarios is fey. Brought up on the rougher side of the city, he's enjoyed life as a low-level troublemaker, not planning for tomorrow--there is little point, after all, if you're fey. The Mal Nassrin troubles make him realize that there may be more to life than hassling the authorities, and for once, he's willing to work at something other than annoying the authorities (Though Carind is still a fair target).


Nekos has been fighting in the Arena since his early teens. His tenure has seen the rise of the star system. When the PC meets him, he is staging extra fights at the Arena, encouraging people to stay calm and avoid rioting. As far as he's concerned, that is the best way he can serve the city.

Nekos is warm and outgoing, always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. Whether he always chooses wisely is another matter entirely.


Redethe Hektor came to the city to investigate possible economic contributions to the Empire as a whole. As she is only too happy to tell her audience, she's reached her position due solely to her own talent, coming from an unknown family and impressing her superiors enough that, ultimately, the Empress created the post of Imperial Economist for her.

In the course of this rise, she's done a bit of everything: She started as a soldier, managed a mine, took over the oversight of the Eastern Fleet, battled pirates, and balanced ledgers. It's anyone's guess whether or not she would be working to save the city if she were not trapped there too, but she was, and she is.

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