Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Broken Hourglass: Writing Once More

Having finished the last batch of minor quests and encounters, I have a new one to start, or finish, depending on how you look at it--it's based on some tantilizing bits left by a former writer/coder.

I've done the bit where I take a long, rambly walk and listen to the characters talk. Now I need to do the bit where I sit down and make it make sense.

The listening bit is always fun when it happens (it doesn't always); I hope they'll keep on talking while I write. Sometimes, they go all silent and stare at me with big eyes. "Remember," I'll tell the maybe-villain, "You were telling me all about your plan, and why it was a good idea, really." "That must have been some other bad guy," he'll say. "Me? I'm just sitting here enjoying my coffee." "What about you?" I'll ask the clue-giver. "Are you really going to let him get away with that?" He'll just blink sleepily and demand to be left alone.

But maybe this bunch won't do that.

Time to find out!

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