Monday, June 28, 2010

The Broken Hourglass: A Brief , Unnofficial Look at the NPCs (Part One)

I thought I'd give a really quick overview of the joinable NPC's in The Broken Hourglass, starting with Carind, Ioanna, and Halima. Several of the characters have larger introductions over on the Planewalker Games main site--a look under "characters" or a search by name should dig them up.

All NPC portraits are by Jelina Jovovic.

Those of you who get this via reader may want to come look at the main site: This post is more formatted than most so that NPC portrait and character sketch are side-by-side, and feed tends to play havoc with formatting. And so, on to part one:

Carind Velanati has been in charge of keeping track Mal Nassrin's busy criminal element. She loves the city and takes her job extremely seriously. Two things frustrate her: She failed to see any warning signs leading up to Mal Nassrin's current predicament, and she has never yet managed to prove Sanelon guilty of anything.

Halima Phaenon left Mal Nassrin years ago to train as an Adept at the Island of Argoniss. Now enjoying the traditional break between schooling and return to the Isle, she finds herself unfamiliar with her home city. She was away from her family when the disaster struck and is eager to find whoever is behind it and make him pay.
Though she is well-trained in the use of magic, she is not experienced using it in real world situations.

Ioanna works as a spy ("Or 'secret agent,' if you prefer something classier."). She came to the city to see what was going on and stayed to help sort things out. The PC is not her first choice of solution, but seems the best option under the circumstances

If she's asked about her past, Ioanna will answer readily, though a careful listener will soon notice that not all of her stories match. Asked about this, she will laugh and ask what you expect.

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