Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blood Maidens by Barbara Hambly: Book Anticipation

In a hurry and wanting a book to take with me, I grabbed Those Who Hunt the Night off the shelves and started browsing--it's one of the books I've reread enough that I don't always start at the beginning, though today I fairly quickly ended up going back to the beginning to read it properly.

That got me to wondering: When is Hambly ever going to write the third book she promised, ages ago? Probably never, I thought, and pessimistically searched this evening only to find that: YES! The third book, Blood Maidens is going to be coming out next year.

That's still too long, but at least it's actually on the horizon. The only thing better would be if she gave us a sequel to Dog Wizard.  Maybe that will be next?

Edit: Should've mentioned: The second book in the series is Traveling with the Dead.

I took a quick look at Hambly's blog--which I now can't find (This isn't it, though it appears to be official, and maybe linked to said blog)--after posting, and it appears that the books just haven't sold well enough for any publisher to want a sequel to the Windrose Chronicles (The Silent Tower,The Silicon Mage, and Dog Wizard, or even, til now, the Asher-Ysidro series, which has vampires in it, for crying out loud, and therefore ought to be wildly in demand, especially when you consider that it is also good.  Anyway, Blood Maidens makes me very happy.


  1. What's the second one? I read Those Who Hunt the Night just this year, it was my first foray into vampires and reading any Hambly beyond her dragon books. I rather liked it, but didn't know there was more to follow! (should have)

  2. Really should've mentioned that!

    It's Traveling with the Dead.