Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Invisible Kingdom by Idan Ben-Barak

The Invisible Kingdom is a gem. It is informative, full of wonder, and funny. I've never read a science book that was funny before!

Really, any two out of the three would make this a stand-out book, but the three together? Spectacular.

I never, ever, would have expected to be laughing out loud while reading a book on microbes, and while I might have read one or two bits out of another book (because I do things like that), I would not have read so many, or so constantly.

In his final interview-with-himself, Ben-Barak writes that "the main thing I wanted to show was how fluid and varied life is. . . . . Reality's deliciously absurd and fun" (191), and that is exactly what he conveys from page one all through.

Run to your nearest library and grab a copy--or head to the book store and buy one. It's worth it.

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