Monday, April 5, 2010

The Broken Hourglass: Writing/Coding a Little

Haven't written about this for a while.

I have written for it, though. I was pretty unhappy with the last batch of banters I wrote about, so I did something I haven't done for a while--took a notebook (the kind with paper in it, not the computing kind) to the beach, sat under my favorite tree by the bay, and wrote long hand. Got the remaining banters written and revised the earlier ones I disliked, discovering while I was at it that only two of them really needed to be torn apart, the rest only needed some tinkering, so I was quite happy with the results.

I've hit or passed my "minimum needed" list on the NPC-NPC banters, so now I'm coding them up. Fortunately for me (and for future modders) the banter coding in WScript is close enough to the coding in WEIDU to make WEIDU knowledge useful. It's not identical--one of the reasons I have not worked on the Trio lately is that WEIDU is capitalized while WScript isn't, and that can trip a person up, and there are other differences--but it's close enough to help. The PC-NPC banters are slightly different again, but also workable. This leaves Paul free to focus on quests which need attention.

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