Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Broken Hourglass: Writing! Fun! Code!

That was fun!

Yesterday and today were days that reminded me again just how much I love writing, just the sheer joy of getting the words down, the fun of feeling them shape themselves; it's flying for the fun of it.

Productive too--I got two good, long character segments written and fixed some smaller bits and pieces here and there in other dialogs. I even found a bit of looping dialog in game and (lowers voice) I fixed it myself. Yes, I, even I, ventured into the tangled jungle of already coded wording and made it work right, and I'm ridiculously pleased with myself as a result.

Today's work is not-quite-finished; it's a thorny, tangled shrub instead of a nice, tidy dialog tree, but, like all trees, it can and will be pruned. The important thing is it's there, and I like it!

I also picked a thousand and one little coding errors out of said tangled shrub. Such is life, and life, today, is very good.


In other news, JCompton and I have actually managed to find another shared cultural reference! Multiple discussions of characters and concepts have floundered when one or the other of us has said "You know, kind of like X only different," and the other has said "Like what?" In the long run, it's probably Good for the Game as it means there is a much broader frame of reference, but in the short term it has made for much explaining and convolution, and that this, the second time, is worth a moment of silent contemplation.


Wanders off happily to prune virtual dialog trees.

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