Thursday, March 11, 2010

Talbert Lake

I was very excited to read about a plan to restore Talbert Lake to a year round feature. It sounded exciting and worthwhile. Unfortunately, the linked article (October 2008), is the last I've heard about it.

I tried calling the HB Park management, and they were very prompt in answering, and said they'd liked what they had heard of it, too, but they didn't know of any further developments.

Too bad. Talbert Lake looks great now, spread out across a wide area of the park and full of ducks, herons, egrets, and grebe. It would be wonderful to have it the full year, to have the water properly cleaned, and to see some of the water used to water the park and to help keep Blackbird Pond at the Shipley Nature Center full (rumor has it that was part of the plan, anyway; I've been asking around here & there & people have heard of it but don't actually know anything).

Anyone know if this is still ongoing?

Edit: Ok, here's a 2009 blurb that sounds hopeful. Hm.... I'll keep hunting!

Edit2: It seems to be called the Talbert Lake Diversion Project. There are a couple of useful looking phone numbers that might help this lazy reader make sense of some very long documents to see if it is a "yes" or a "no." Then I can decide whether or not to read the very long document (no point if it's a 'no' is there?)

Edit3: Last edit! I found this: Like the first, a 2008 article, but it has neat diagrams and color pictures. Bringing life back to Talbert Lake

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