Saturday, March 20, 2010

Doctor Who: Season Five Trailer

Oh, I like the look of this one:

Television - News - The second 'Who' series five trailer! - Digital Spy

Love that grin while Amy is flying outside the TARDIS.


  1. He does seem to be channeling something very Doctor-ish, doesn't he? And he looks like he won't suffer from the "lonely God" ennui that so frustrated you with the last one at times.

  2. Oh, I hope that's gone!

    One reason I've waited so long on the final specials is that Waters of Mars gave me the definite impression that we were due to get yet another large dose of the Lonely God. It's on hold at the library now, though, and friends are going to be visiting next month bringing their copy, so I won't escape it forever. Hopefully, though, by that time I'll have seen & liked Matt Smith, so I'll be more forgiving.

  3. Don't fear the final episodes. There's some silly writing, but the ennui in this one is more "old soldier"-tinted. And there's lots and lots of Wilf, which made me happy.