Friday, March 19, 2010

And More on The Broken Hourglass

I am still writing for The Broken Hourglass (and I write on days I don't post--you know how boring one-line "I'm writing" entries would get?). The last few banters were, quite frankly, ghastly, but they do each have a couple of lines in them that are worth saving, and I'll build new and better banters around those. Sometimes, you have to write the really awful stuff to get to the good stuff. I wish that were not the case--I wish that the rough drafts were always at least decent, but, there it is.

I've also been revising a lot--mostly cutting words and lines out to make for tighter banters, occasionally switching words around or removing repeats.

And on another note: Jelena Jovović has some samples of artwork from The Broken Hourglass up on her website. It's down under "Commercial Work" at the bottom. Included are character portraits and some icons.

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