Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Upcoming books

Thanks to Charlotte's Library I learned that three of my favorite authors have books coming out soon.

Robin Mckinley's Pegasus is due out in November. And, incidentally, Mckinley now has a blog--has for a while from the look of it--which means I am going to have to start checking her page again (for the longest time, it was stuck on Sunshine, which, while an excellent book is far from new). I have no idea what Pegasus is about--Amazon is completely unhelpful--but, hey, it's by Mckinley; it's going to be good.

And Diana Wynne Jones has a new book, Enchanted Glass, coming out in April. That is, it's coming out in the US in April. Charlotte of Charlotte's Library has already read & reviewed it via some ordering magic I haven't really looked at because I don't want to read the review & risk spoilers.

Oh, and Megan Whalan Turner's A Conspiracy of Kings is coming out in March. Hurray!

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