Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Broken Hourglass: Atmosphere Work

Been a slow couple of weeks, writing-wise, due to stuff like having to battle Trojans on my mom's computer (I'm still not sure how they got there). Got them off thanks to help from good friends & a couple useful antispyware programs.

I have been working on and off, though, and just finished another area in The Broken Hourglass.

No quests in this one. Or, more accurately, none by me. This one was an "Everyone who isn't involved in the quest area.

I think the bit that took the longest was deciding which sprites to use and where everyone can stand. I now know enough coding to put those bits in on my own (and am ridiculously pleased to have mastered those bits). The rest is up to Qwinn to take care of--and he is currently working on a good-sized quest.

Actually, I still need to proof the area I "finished," but I think it's good to go.

Next up?

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