Friday, October 16, 2009

The Broken Hourglass: Still Writing Some More

Spent some time today working on The Broken Hourglass.

Most of it was spent on the atmosphere stuff, writing for the little people who make the world seem lived in, the extras, so to speak. One of them has a very small quest associated with it.

Anyway, today's work was mostly filling in roughed-out outline work from earlier this week, not wildly exciting as most of the character discovery has already happened, but satisfying. It's good to see things taking shape.

I also spent a lot of time barraging Corvis with world building stuff, all kinds of random details that didn't make it into the initial world-building doc: "Do the Illuminated sing?" "Why is Atrus VI not Atrus I?" "Are there demigods?" "So where's the Imperial gossip?" And so on.

He can come up with an unbelievable amount of detail at the drop of a hat, too, though he has been known to say "Make it up yourself."

Also, Jason's got a new interview up, here. The English translation is in the dark gray bar to the right and takes longer to load, which can be confusing (at least, it confused me; I had to ask him what was going on). Take a look at the Polish part, too, though; it has the screenshots.

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