Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Blog to Follow

A friend * recently suggested I try reading some of Adam Rex's books. I did, and I enjoyed them, and I decided to stop by his blog, which thanks to this entry, I am now hooked on.

Oh, so far, I've read three of the books: Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich, Frankenstein Takes the Cake, and Psst!.

The first two are weird and wonderful little poems and illustrations about the lives and loves of various monsters--Frankenstein wants to borrow a little something from his neighbors and has food thrown at him instead (which turns out to be a good thing: it all makes a yummy sandwich), the Phantom of the Opera can't get It's a Small World out of his head (and the rhyme about it can be sung to Small World, which I didn't catch at first), and the raven just can't seem to get Poe's attention.

The third is an equally surreal visit to the zoo, where a young girl is asked by a group of animals to pick up a bunch of supplies for them, using money the peacock picks out of the pools each day. As an extra touch, the animals are all chatty while the people's word balloons are blank.

*Note: Said friend is fond of horror movies. Follow the link with that in mind.

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