Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Broken Hourglass Update

Yep, still busy writing for The Broken Hourglass.

The characters finally started to come clear to me, after a long conversation with jcompton.

Well, that, and a drive to Disneyland. I was mulling them over on the way there, and, finally, started hearing them whisper to one another, so as soon as I got there, I pulled out my trusty laptop and started typing in Downtown Disney. Some survey-taking person came up to ask questions about what I was doing and pretty patently didn't believe that I was working. Just cause I was having fun!

Anyway...banter count is waaay up now (more than fifty, not counting what others had already written), most of them are pretty solid, some are downright good, and one has a great last line but needs the entire approach rewritten--but then, Jason just might take care of that. We shall see which of us gets to it first...

Oh, and another has a last line we keep debating.

So, seven more to go til I hit my self-imposed minimum-banter ratio.

In between banters, I've been working on the "atmosphere" encounters for two areas of the game and am about to start on a third.

Speaking of atmosphere, Liam/K'aeloree was hard at work this summer, sticking all those incidental bits and pieces of background noise into the game's world. I really noticed it this time, walking around the University and listening to the wood floors creak and the clop of feet on a stone floor. Amazing what a difference that makes. I mean, the music has been top-notch all along (as I believe I've mentioned, once or twice), but now the game has a lived-in feel to it.

Well, now to go back and see if inspiration will strike (Inspiration really does strike, sometimes, you know, though it always helps to stand outside in the rain, waving a lightning rod while you wait).

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