Saturday, August 15, 2009

What's Happening with Bartlett Park?

So does anyone know what is happening with Bartlett Park/Hidden Valley? I was down there a while ago, and there was a lot of tree-cutting type equipment. I visited again a few days ago, and, sure enough, several of the trees had ben reomoved. On the other hand, so had the heavy-duty machinery, and the park looks just as ragged and unkempt as ever, and still has all the "Unpatrolled" signs and a rather battered bit of paper saying that a year ago the Boy Scouts did their level best to clean the place up. Web searching has turned up nothing--just some old posts by BMX bikers.

And I'm curious.

It could be a really beautiful park, if anyone cared--a pocket nature reserve--but no one (except perhaps the bikers)does care, so it retains in its messy, abandoned lot look, with dog poop left in piles and pieces of glass everywhere.

And, no, I'm not starting a campaign or doing anything about it myself, I'm just wondering--what happening with Bartlett Park?

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