Saturday, August 8, 2009

Warehouse 13 Another look

So, a tired day plus embroidery thread in need of sorting, and I thought I'd give this another chance. I watched Claudia and and Elements.

The show has gone from painfully generic (pilot) to merely generic.

I might give it another try, a few episodes down the road, if there is more embroidery thread in need of sorting.

Claudia is pretty generic rebellious-intellectual-teen, but she's lively. Artie is fun. The main characters--I still can't believe them as top notch Secret Service agents. The plots were--average. Strikingly average.

Edit to add: I took a look at a couple of other reviews. Rob Vaux reviewed Claudia and Elements and pretty well said the same, only with more detail than I troubled with. Oh, and I disagree with him about the agents' interaction being a plus: So far, the writers haven't worked out how to balance that "odd couple" vibe they're going for. So far, the show's saving grace is Mrs. Frederick, and she's barely on.

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