Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mystery Palm

The Fountain Grass in our yard is now right next door to a well-waterd yard. It likes it--a lot. It hasn't just grown since the last time I thinned it in the fall, it has, well, fountained.

Finally, this week, I realized that if I didn't do something soon, I would have a yard full of vibrantly healthy fountain grass and nothing else.

So, I got on the super-thick, lined gloves my dad uses for mosaicing and an old long-sleeved shirt (Grass can be vicious when it is cornered) and set about trying to thin the grass.

It wasn't quite tall enough to hide an elephant, but it did turn out to have been hiding a fairly well-grown palm tree.

I have no idea what kind of palm tree it is, or how it got into our yard. It doesn't look the least bit like our neighbor's palms and in no way resembles any of the palm trees in back. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised: my sister found one of the ones now potted out back struggling up through a crack in the sidewalk near our house, but still, it does surprise me.

I dug it up, too, and put it in back for the time being. If it lives--and I think it will--it will go into church next month to be part of Rome during Vacation Bible School. After that, I'll wave it goodbye and send it off to its new home with a friend who does not already have a yard full of palm trees.

I do wonder what it is, though.

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