Friday, July 10, 2009


As with last year, my sister and I walked to the beach to see the show.

It really was spectacular; this was the Centennial Celebration, so they'd decided on a full 25 minutes of show, out over the ocean with patriotic and surfer-themed songs playing in the background (Oh, and "Dixieland." I'm not quite sure how that fit).

We had a great time, first watching the band and then settling down on the beach for the show, and then walking home by an alternate route, since we'd spend the day debating which of two routes was shortest (mine, by a hair).

It wasn't all that alternate, though--we were still shuffling in the crowds for several blocks and watching in amazement as a few hundred cyclists zig-zagged through the streets without getting hit by the hundreds of cars also trying to use the street.

The next day, everyone at church got to talk about how spectacular the display had been, and how we'd never seen so many fireworks in the air at once as hit the air in the finale (Well, all but one person. She said, somewhat apologetically, that she'd seen more at New Year's in Sidney).

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