Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Carousel Hunting

Ok, so going to Disneyland has reminded me of how much I love carousels.

And how few of them I've ridden, even of the ones in the area--it's always "later." So, my mission this summer is to ride as many as I can.

That, of course, means I have to find them, so I'm asking folks to "donate" carousel locations, though I'm sticking to S California & primarily to Orange County.

Carousels I'm aware of and plan on visiting are:

The Disneyland & CA Adventure Carousels (of course).

I'm told there is one at the Santa Ana Zoo

There is the one in the Balboa Fun Zone

Also, there are some at:
San Diego Zoo
Fashion Island
South Coast Plaza

I know there are others, but my googling skills are failing me here. Help?


  1. There's one at the new(ish) shopping center across from the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach - I think it's the same one that used to be in Shoreline Village. Next to the Ferris Wheel, I think.

    I just came back from a meeting in Spokane, WA and there is one over 100 years old in Riverside Park, where they had the World Expo in 1974. It's run by a trolley car engine and still has actual rings to try and grab as you pass - you get another free ride if you catch one. Here's some pics if you're interested:


  2. Neat pics! Thanks--and thanks for the hint on the Long Beach one.

  3. At Easter time, the one at SCP has rabbits; at Christmas, it's reindeer. And I seem to recall a double-decker one at a mall in San Diego. There's one at the El Toro Y, although we generally rode the Ferris Wheel instead.