Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Remake of V?

I'm a somewhat abashed fan of the original V, TV show and all. Abashed because I am well aware of its faults, having finally caught up on the entire TV show after it came out on DVD, but a fan, nonetheless, both because of fond memories of the first time I caught parts of the show as a child, at a friend's house when we were living overseas--a situation which made it doubly strange--an alien invasion of a home country I had not seen in almost three years--and spent the following years happily making up the missing episodes and reading my copy of the miniseries novelization.

Much later, I saw the two miniseries, at home in the States. Some of the familiar, friendly feeling was--and is--still there, and some of it I like for itself, and some I hate for itself: Half-alien children with mysterious powers have been overused by science fiction shows--. Once was overdoing it, really--but I still like the scene with Ruby and Tyler, and love the balloons going up with the newly discovred toxin (or bacteria? I can't remember. Hm... Must rewatch).

The same holds true, though to a lesser extent, for the TV show, which I finally saw in its entirety when it came out on DVD. Overall, it's a trainwreck, but it's an amusing one, watching it was great stress relief, and there are bits I simply like.

I'm in the Phillip/Martin fan club, for one thing.

So I've followed the various sequel/remake rumors with some interest, and will watch this current incarnation, or at least the start of it.


I almost wish they were remaking it a little bit more. Don't get me wrong--I'm not in favor of a Battlestar Galactica style redo (Yeah, I know, it's brilliant. Lots of people tell me so. It's also far, far darker than I like, and I bailed mid-first season, about the time people were gleefully telling me "It's getting even darker."). But the trailer for this looks like the characters are essentially the same only with slightly less exhuberant hair and some gender reversals, and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of point in remaking something just to update the clothing and hair.

Still, there is the intriguing comment made, somewhere in the official releases, that we don't truly know how long the Visitors have been among us. That has possibilities. And, perhaps, they will avoid the insta-grow, just-add-water alien child this time around.

I doubt greatness is waiting in the wings, but it could be fun.

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