Sunday, May 24, 2009

King Triton's Carousel

I am a carousel lover, so almost the first thing I did after getting my annual pass was go looking for King Triton's Carousel.

To my dismay, it was closed!

I asked when it would be opened, made a note of the date and waited, pretty much not going into California Adventure in the meantime (it is one LOUD park).

This Friday was the first day, and my sister, who was meeting me at Disneyland for the fireworks (I love that show!) very kindly went with me on the enormous detour to the very back of California Adventure so that I could ride it.

The carousel itself is a jewel--brightly lit, beautiful, and full of colorful animals and enough glitter and gleam to delight me. I really could fall head over heels in love.

Except--it is at the very back of the California Adventure, which, as I believe I have mentioned before, is an extremely noisy park. More, the carousel itself is tucked in under the giant roller coaster, which means more noise, enough so that it's hard to hear the carousel music--which, oddly enough, does not appear to include any songs from The Little Mermaid.

Will I go back? Oh yes. Of course. If nothing else, I have got to get a good picture of the bejeweled purple whale I rode that night.

But will I go every time I visit Disneyland? Probably not.

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