Thursday, March 26, 2009

Neil Gaiman's "Chivalry" Online

Hi! Remember me?

Just popping in to say that there is an NPR podcast of Jane Curtin reading Neil Gaiman's short story "Chivalry" up online for another few days.

"Chivalry" has been one of my favorite short stories ever since I read the first sentence, "Mrs. Whitaker found the Holy Grail; it was under a fur coat."

It's is full of low-key humor, an odd sort of sadness, and I realized today that I don't really understand it, not fully, and I intend to go on reading--or listening to it--and probably never will fully figure it out.

And Curtin is a marvelous reader. It's interesting, too, to hear the audience response to different lines. It's not a loud audience, but it is there, recorded in the background.

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