Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Bit More on The Broken Hourglass

Just a follow up on the one-key-after-another post about The Broken Hourglass: Writing's starting to flow again (Hurray!). The awful, plodding prose of the other day turns out not to have been so awful, after all, not splendid, but worth revision, so I'm busy revising it & brushing it up. Spent part of my writing time today generally revising, a lot working an item description (It is a large item, found in several parts, so it was really descriptions) and some working on developing a minor character.

He's not on for long but will, I hope, be memorable. He's the sort of minor character who should be. I can finally hear his voice in my head, which helps immensely.


Otherwise, I'm busy running away from home to avoid the smell of new vinyl flooring--it's awfully pretty vinyl flooring, but I turn out to be appallingly, and most inconveniently, allergic to it--and finding source pictures for the class on story illustration that I'm taking. Oh, and walking the dog. She tends to want that every day.

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