Thursday, January 8, 2009


Things my sewing machine manual tells me:

1) How to thread the needle.

2) How to wind the bobbin.

3) How to plug the machine in.

4) How to call an expert if I cannot plug the machine in.

5) Never to use the machine under water.

Things my sewing machine manual does not tell me:

1) What to do if the thread gets into a really humongous snarl all of the sudden and nothing will move and the needle is in the down position so there is no way to just pull the cloth out and start all over again.

2) What to do if there are no stitches at all, just a needle full of thread moving up and down to no effect whatsoever.


  1. Was there a great danger that you might be tempted to use it under water? What, exactly, does one sew under water?

  2. Shower curtains?

    Manufacturers seem to be uniformly obsessed with the idea of people using things under water. Maybe it's something in their diet?