Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Eleventh Doctor


They've finally revealed who he'll be. I know nothing at all about the actor, so all I can say is:

1) He looks really, really young.
2) He has a promising last name.

3) Once he stops being the Doctor he used to be, will it be safe for Donna to see him again? Can we have her back, please? (Really have her back, I mean. Not the way we had "Rose" for a while).


  1. Well, this guy's deference, humility, and giddiness at being chosen for the role give me hope he will be a good doctor, but historically the Doctor's been matched with his age (in appearance) or younger companions -- which would almost necessitate a child in this instance, true, but that's how the whole thing started to begin with, after all (a child companion, although a very old-appearing Doctor). My guess is that he'll get a "sexy" female companion, or a precocious teenager.

    I'd like to see a male companion (and Captain Jack doesn't count). Some of the best companions from the ancient series were male, such as Adric, and the great story arc with Turlough who was working for the Master at first, etc. Maybe he should pick up Mickey again!

    I think Donna's gone, relegated to a one-off appearance like Sarah Jane somewhere down the road. They gave her too over-extended a story arc (I mean, she practically WAS the Doctor in the last episode, fer crikey's sake) to have her continue, and I wouldn't look for many continuances from the Russell T. Davies storylines anyway.

  2. Oh, I have no real hope of getting Donna back, but that doesn't stop me from wishing that she had been on for more than one season.

    Also, I miss having a familiar companion to help with the transition to a new Doctor.

    I've only seen a couple of episodes with Adric (one of them Earthshock), and only a brief bit with Turlough in The Five Doctors. Netflix is helping me catch up, but there are a lot of years left!

    Mickey would be fun, but isn't he moving over to Torchwood?

  3. Two things occurred to me suddenly the other night,so forgive me for digging up an old post to comment on . . .

    1) Turlough was NOT used by The Master, he was used by The Black Guardian. Turlough was a great character, though, and one of the only companions who could also fly the TARDIS.

    2) What if the new Doctor's companion is "The Doctor's Daughter"???

  4. Digging up old posts is fine

    1) I have only seen Turlough in The Five Doctors. Where does he fit in on this?

    2) Rumor has it she's supposed to be a Companion on one of the specials. That wouldn't stop her from being a regular companion, though. That could be fun, too, a bit more like Romana in the sense of being able to take care of herself more.

  5. 2) Exactly my thought.

    1) Turlough doesn't really fit in on THIS, except that I mentioned in my first comment how it would be nice to see the new Doctor with a male companion of the sort he used to have. Like all the companions, Turlough is little more than background noise in "The Five Doctors", but he was an interesting character -- cynical, not entirely brave, and at times even more cryptic than the Doctor himself.