Sunday, December 28, 2008

Book Reviews: Books on Sock Creatures

Sock and Glove : Creating Charming Softy Friends from Cast-off Socks and Gloves by Miyako Kanamori

This one is a fun, friendly book with what seems to be reasonably clear instructions (I was too embroiled in other projects to try any at the time, I may later). The illustrations are cute and there are a number of adorable critters to make. Further, Kanamori makes the most of the sock and glove shape and material, so there is a real sense that she--and you--will be working to modify a found object rather than creating something that could be made better some other way.

Stray Sock Sewing by Daniel

The photograph cartoons are very cute and a number of the creatures are adorable. It is worth flipping through for inspiration as Daniel really does appreciate the sock, using several different kinds patterns.

However, the printer was sloppy; at least, the book I looked at had several pages repeated, and there are instructions for only a few of the creatures pictures--four or five. Too, the directions are shoved into the back and feature a number of small diagrams, making me wish Daniel had chosen to spend a bit more of the space on them rather than the cute photographs.

Adorable Sock Dolls to Make & Love by Connie Stone and Emola Lowe

Unquestionably, these dolls are adorable, and many of them are very tempting.

I am a bit puzzled, though, by the instructions, several of which feature complicated diagram drawing on socks and not all of which take advantage of the fact that the sock is a sock & has a certain shape, instead treating it as a source of stretchy material and occasionally calling for cuts that seem to completely disregard its sockness.

Stupid Sock Creatures: Making Quirky, Loveable Figures from Cast-off Socks by John Murphy

Now here is someone who understands socks. There are a variety of creatures presented, and a wide range of body types, but each takes advantage of the way a sock is shaped and the way it stretches. It's chock full of ideas and the directions are very clear.

The cream of the crop.

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