Friday, September 26, 2008


Cooking Light's Herbed Chicken and Dumplings is scrumptious.

And I need hardly add that the dish is even better if they are made with herbs from ones own garden and celery purchased at the farmer's market down town1.

A good green salad and Walnut Bread from 100 Great Breads2 are excellent side dishes, and cheesecake made from Dad's Secret Recipe3 is a fine finish.

1It's even tasty if you happen to run out of chicken broth and have to use beef as a substitute for part of it.

2 I don't unreservedly recommend Hollywood's book; I can't figure out quite why he uses so much salt, for one thing--the only time I tried using his salt amount and temperatures, I ended up with a brick rather than bread. But, using 1 teaspoon of salt instead of one tablespoon, and lowering the temperature by about 100 degrees usually works quite well for me, and I adore the Walnut Bread. Others seem to do fine with his temperatures, so I can't be too didactic. Oh, and if you don' t have 100 Great Breads, get it from the library. Or make some other bread, any other bread. No one should deprive themselves of the joy of making bread.

3 It's not so much secret, really, as constantly in flux. It started out being one recipe, morphed into a combination of two or three, and is perpetually being tweaked from one batch to the next. I think this one had more zest than the last, but I'm not sure.

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