Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stargate: Atlantis, The Shrine

Now that is more like it.

The Shrine was character-driven, had something at stake, will probably have repercussions later,featured only one gun fired by our heroes (though they had to sneak in some gunfire from the Wraith earlier), and it had Rodney's sister in it. Jennifer got to come into focus as a character a bit more, and Woolsey got to make a decision. What more could one ask?

Well, that's easy: I want the other shows after this to also be as good, or preferably, better. See, I like Woolsey, and he's shown a whole lot more character in his role than Sam did, but...he needs to develop. Jennifer is still pretty much a non-entity (thus The Seed was not as effective as it might have been), and they have very little time left to do this. And, while this is a solid episode, it's not a spectacular one. Still, I'd have been fully satisfied with the episode if it weren't one-of-the-last-ever. I hate knowing there is a clock ticking!

It's hard having the show come to an end since it means no new, long arcs can be established and they seem to have put an end to Michael while they were at it. Still, this one gives me hope.  

As, for that matter, did Search and Rescue, both for its solid storyline, its characterization, and the satisfying way it brought the Missing Person's story arc to an end. I also appreciate the fact that they saved Kanaan and the baby. It's true that I find their sudden appearance in the show somewhat jarring--the only even slightly romantic relationship I ever saw Teyla in was with Sheppard--but I would find it much more jarring and a complete copout for both baby and boy to die conveniently in the firefight (or for Michael to kidnap kid and lead to an endless babyhunt, and there was a moment when I thought they might do that).  

So for a moment the TV-viewing corner of my world is once again in order and I am looking forward to watching Whispers tonight and finishing with my catching up.

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