Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Phantom Empire, A Second Entry

A 1935 black and white TV show. It has:

A singing cowboy
An underground empire
An imperious queen
A treacherous high chancellor
Evil Scientists
An unsolved murder
Capable sidekicks
Comical sidekicks
An airplane
Advanced technoglogy
Multiple plots
And did I mention the singing cowboy? Or his horses?

Good stuff!

Didn't play out quite the way I expected--for one thing, there were more plotlines and less singing than anticipated. It is a pity no one has done anything about the sound being so fuzzy [Edit: I see that there is a remastered version available; it just isn't the one Netflix sends out]. Any fan of old Westerns, old SF shows, or both really should watch it.

And I'm feeling quite disappointed because no one nearby seems to have Cliffhangers available for rental/borrowing: Not Netflix, not any of the four libraries I have cards for. Alas!

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