Saturday, July 5, 2008

Paper Making and Painting with Bleach

Well, since I last wrote about the book making class, we've made paper and painted with bleach.

Making paper was something I've wanted to try for a while and it turned out to be tremendous fun. Now, I have several sheets of paper lying on the floor in my sister's room (she's away for the moment) with a fan on them to help finish the drying process. I have also added a deckle to the List of Things I Desperately Desire, even though the original reason I've not tried homemade paper remains: It takes room. One needs space for big, splashy tubs full of paper pulp and a large, flat area on which to dry the sheets when they come out. Still and all, I want to do it again.

Painting with bleach was not such a big hit with me. To begin with, it's bleach. It smells. Then, too, once the paper has been marked with bleach, it's been marked: There's no erasing crooked lines or undesired dots. It isn't that beauty is impossible, several of my classmates produced quite beautiful works, it's that I, personally, dislike it. So far, it's the only process we've tried that I will not be repeating.

In any case, I'm adding book making to my list of Things Everyone Should Try at least once. It's fun, creative, and relaxing.

*In case you're curious, I also think everyone should be given a camera and sent out to look at the world. I think they'd be much happier for it.

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