Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Non-Park II

If you look here and here, you will see that I was quite mistaken. Bartlett Park is practically the Garden of Eden; it's even been proposed as a model for some other park.

Additionally, you will learn that it is "one of the most rustic, natural parks in the city."

*I've never seen it look the way it does in the first site, mind you.

**They left out the broken bottles. Of course, so did I. There's only so much you can get in one image.

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  1. we have a large mostly-undeveloped park in Costa Mesa (Fairview)-- our city council has been attempting to develop it bit by bit -- they can't quite understand how it can be a park if there aren't soccer fields they can arrest people for playing soccer in (CM passed a law that no more than 10 adults may play a game together in a city park -- widely understood as an anti-brown people rule).